4 ideias sobre “Galáthach hAthevíu – Modern Gaulish

  1. Bardh In Caun

    I’m utterly in love with this beautiful language. There’s nothing “artificial” about it. It sounds and feels very natural – just like any other naturally evolved language out there in the world. I’ve even begun to compose choral works using this language (which, by the way, works wonderfully in choral music). I’m amazed and stunned at the detailed research done in creating this language, as well as the application of various grammatical processes that fellow surviving Celtic (as well as Romance and Germanic) languages underwent.
    I’m hoping that in the near future there will be a complete, detailed dictionary – either in print or for web download? I find that reading materials online helps me to discover words often not found in the dictionary, funnily enough. But currently I sometimes find myself rummaging through other reconstructed Gaulish/Celtic dictionaries and lexicons make attempts at finding new words – like Nougalz, Arvorec, Cumbraek and Kaledonag. However, their dictionaries are even more incomplete – *Big Sigh*.
    I’m very excited, and totally taken by this language. I realise that it’s still a work in progress, but I’m happy to be learning it!

  2. moderngaulishSteve

    Hey Bardh In Caun, how are you mate? It’s great to see you like the language and are using it. There is a dictionary available online with more than 6000 words in it to date, and growing steadily; go to http://www.glosbe.com/mis_gal/en/.

    There is also a Facebook group where people meet to use and discuss the language, you can either find it at http://www.facebook,com.groups/moderngaulishlanguage/ or look up modern gaulish language in the group search function (sometimes the link refuses to work).

    To date one collection of works in the language has been published, in a three-lingual format, comprising modern Gaulish, ancient Gaulish and English; you can find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Anthologia-Gallica-Senobrixta-Gal%C3%A1thach-hAthev%C3%ADu-Poetry/dp/1511644265

    Another volume is being planned at the moment. Please feel free to join the FB group and contribute your compositions, everyone is welcome.

    Hope to see you there. All the best.



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